The abandoned site of Worthington Steel, Uptown Worthington represents the rebirth of a blighted brownfield site and a renewal of both its natural beauty and nature’s plan. Recycling as well as a commitment to the tenets of “green development” and its whole-building approach to sustainability are key to this renewal.

When complete, Uptown Worthington will be one of the largest green developments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the largest in Chester County. O’Neill Properties Group is remediating 100 acres of abandoned property to create this vibrant community on the principles of New Urbanism.

In cleaning up and clearing the site, 100% of the original steel from the Mill has been recycled. More than 30% of the site will be dedicated to open space with trees and green space bordering biking, hiking and walking paths.

The revitalization of Little Valley Creek, previously buried in piping under the Mill buildings for 70 years, will bring it to life and enable regional trout migration and indigenous marine life to thrive.

The planting of more than 1,000 local and regional tree and plant specimens will make Uptown Worthington a truly vibrant and special landscape.

The Worthington office building, apartment building, and several retail buildings will be designed to LEED standards.