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5 Signs Of A Good Neighborhood For Your New House

Signs Of A Good Neighborhood
Posted by uptownguy

When looking for a new house, you need to know some important signs that tell you whether a house is the best or not. One of these signs is the neighborhood. Buying a house in a good neighborhood is important, otherwise, all the problems you may face in the future will make the new not worth it at all.

So how do recognize a good neighborhood? How do know which neighborhood is good for you and your family? We’re going to learn more about all of that in this article.


I personally love taking walks. Whenever I need to relax or think about something, I usually take a walk and enjoy some alone time. But, I also notice that not all neighborhoods are made for walking. Some don’t have sidewalks and are not comfortable for people like me who love taking walks.

Sidewalks provide a great indicator of walkability. Walkability means convenience, comfort, exercise, and more. Sidewalks are not to be underestimated and they can be very important for the safety of people too. I really don’t think a neighborhood without sidewalks is a good neighborhood for a new house.

Well-maintained homes

So how do you know if a neighborhood is good or not? Well, if you see well-maintained homes all around you, then the neighborhood is probably good for you and your family. So if you see manicured lawns, buildings in good condition, freshly painted fences and walls, and so on, then you know you’re in a good location.

All these signs tell you that the neighborhood is valued highly, has a low crime rate, and is clean. This is a great opportunity for you to finally buy a house in a great area where everyone can feel safe and at ease.


Besides things, people are a good sign too. If you see people hanging out around the neighborhood, exercising in the morning, kids playing outside, dog walkers, and so on, that means everyone feels comfortable there. So it’s safe to say that you and your family will feel safe and comfortable as well.

The opposite would be seeing a dead neighborhood. Rarely people walking outside, let alone exercising. No kids playing and no one is riding a bike. It’s like telling you to stay away from the area and be wary of your surroundings.

Public services

Never forget about public services when surveying a new neighborhood. Solid public services aren’t too common these days and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Check the local schools, nearby hospitals, daycare facilities, public parks, nearby fire stations, and also police stations. If everything is not too far away from the new house, then the neighborhood is great.

Check out the roads as well. Well-maintained and clean roads are important for everyone who lives in the area, and they’re a sign of good public services. And the streetlights too, of course, don’t move to an area where the streets are dark from the absence of streetlights.

Crime rates

Now let’s talk about crime rates. It’s pretty easy to check our crime rates online. You can use the keyword “crime statistics by neighborhood”, and see for yourself where does your neighborhood rank.

But, the information you will see depends on the size of the city. Larger urban areas should have detailed crime reports, while smaller towns may only have general information. Regardless, the information should still be useful for homebuyers.

Another thing you can do if you’re still not sure is by asking the locals or reading the local newspapers. Because different parts of the same town may be safer or more dangerous than the other. It can be tricky, but if you do your research well, you will be able to know the neighborhood more than well enough.


Buying a new house in an unfamiliar neighborhood can be scary and overwhelming. It is very important to take a deep dive into the new neighborhood before making a decision. Typically, people would just drive around in the new neighborhood to get to know it better. But, sometimes it’s not enough. By following all these tips above, I am sure you can understand better about the location and the people living in the area.

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