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5 Signs Your Home May Need Foundation Repair

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Statistics show that around 25 percent of all U.S. homes will experience “structural distress” such as foundation damage during their lifetimes, with five percent experiencing major issues. So, you should know home maintenance tips that could save your foundation.

The signs of foundation issues can be deceptive because they may imitate benign conditions. For example, do brick cracks or that small crack in the basement an indication that the house is sinking into the ground, or do they mean nothing?

Other indications, including window/door frame separation from brick, are not even close to the foundation. Only a professional can tell if there is an issue with the foundation that should be addressed immediately.

The following are five warning signs of foundation problems:

1. Wall Cracks

If you have observed cracks on your exterior walls, floors, and chimney, you need to have your foundation checked. Your foundation may shift as the soil underneath it expands and contracts. As your foundation shifts, it may develop some cracks over time.

If the fissures on your foundation are small and vertical, you may not have a significant problem since drywall also runs vertically. However, if the cracks are horizontal or angled at a 45-degree position, your foundation may have moved significantly.

2. Weeds Near The Foundation

Weeds thrive in areas with moisture, so if you notice a lot of weeds growing on the site near your foundation, you may have a moisture problem. Excess moisture may mean trouble for your foundation. If weeds are growing out of your foundation, it has cracks, which can cause further damage if ignored.

You can install a sump pump in your basement to prevent moisture seepage into your foundation. You can also ensure your downspouts drain water away from your foundation when it rains.

3. Foundation Sinking

A sinking foundation will compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. A sign of a sinking foundation is if one side of the house or the center is lower than the rest of the house. Other parts of the foundation that have not sunk will follow suit with time.

A sinking foundation can pose several safety issues. So, schedule an FCS Foundation and Concrete inspection immediately you notice your foundation has begun sinking.

4. Uneven Floors

Home problems such as floors that significantly slope, sag, or bow may indicate a foundation issue. Uneven floors can be a slip and fall hazard, especially for small children and older adults.

Floors start sagging or become uneven when a foundation problem affects foundation piers and beams. You should schedule repair services at the onset of a foundation problem. This will keep the problem from causing damages that may require expensive repairs.

5. Cabinets Separating From Walls

If your house is not level, the fixtures on your walls may start to tilt away from them. Your cabinets will slowly separate from the walls as your house becomes unbalanced.

You may not notice it at first, but eventually, the gap between your cabinets and walls will be glaring enough for you to see. Regular home care ensures you can spot problems before they advance significantly.

Hire a Foundation Specialist for Home Maintenance Services

To some extent, all houses settle. However, if the home problems become more frequent, you may have a bigger issue.

If you are worried about foundation damage, you must hire a foundation repair company for inspection and home maintenance. An experienced professional can identify the source of your issue and prevent further damage.

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