Compelling Reasons to Have Red Dot Optics Mounts

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A red dot optic is a simple and reliable way to add a new dimension to shooting. It can be used to improve accuracy, speed, and sighting.

Many red dot optic mounts are on the market, and a good choice will depend on your gun and needs. 

Improved Accuracy

If you’re a shooter, there’s nothing more important than accuracy. So you spend countless dry fires honing your sight picture and building a tight trigger pull until you get it right.

Red dot optic mounts can help you aim more accurately because they eliminate the need to change focal planes constantly. In addition, the red dot stays on the same plane as your target, so you can quickly line it up without changing lenses or using an eye-level reticle.

The best red dot optic mounts work well with angled and piggyback offsets. Angled offsets favor strong-side use and are easy to use with a cheek weld, while piggyback offsets can be used left or right-handed and allow for an ambidextrous technique.

Increased Speed

There are a lot of benefits to having red dot optic mounts, but perhaps the most compelling is that they increase your speed. It is especially true with reflex sights, which are faster CQB optics than prisms or rifle scopes.

Many reflex sights are available, but they can generally be divided into “tube” and “open.” Tube-type designs are similar to a standard telescopic sight with a cylindrical tube containing the optics.

On the other hand, open-type reflex sights don’t have a tube. Instead, they use a single lens and an LED to project the reticle onto the shooter’s field of view.

With these mounts, you can put your red dot optic in the ideal position to help you acquire targets quickly and accurately. It can be beneficial when using your gun to shift magnification power fast, such as when engaging different distance targets.

More Accurate Sighting

Whether you’re shooting a rifle or pistol, red dot optic mounts give you a more accurate sighting than traditional iron sights. While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s a significant benefit.

The first advantage is that red dot sights often adapt to ambient lighting conditions, allowing the reticle to be visible on dark backgrounds and in low-light environments. It is essential for police and military users who often shoot from an external belt holster in cold weather or a dark room with a tactical light illuminating the area.

The next advantage is that red dot sights can be mounted above the riflescope and adjusted to the user’s desired angle, making it much easier for the shooter to zero the sight. In addition, it can benefit shooters who need to be more comfortable using a cheek weld. Some manufacturers’ rings can be turned to achieve the desired angle, and others provide an upper part of the ring that can be placed on the riflescope tube, providing an integrated plate at a fixed angle.

More Accurate Shooting

Red dots give the shooter a point on a plane they can follow as they aim. This simplicity dramatically simplifies the aiming process and can help shooters achieve greater accuracy almost effortlessly.

Aside from increased accuracy, the ability to sight using only one eye is another appealing aspect of red dot optics. It is because it reduces the amount of information the brain has to process, making a shooter more intuitive and safer.

In addition, a red dot’s visual point of impact is directly aimed at the target, which allows the shooter to trust their spot on the target. It is beneficial for shooting under stress and aims that require rapid follow-up shots.

The best part is that most of these sights are parallax-free, meaning the aiming point is on target no matter where your eyes are positioned. It can be a real blessing for hunting. In addition, they often come with bright and dim dot brightness settings to suit different lighting conditions.

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