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Expat Life: How to Find the Home of Your Dreams During an International Move

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Did you know that about nine million Americans reside in foreign lands? In some cases, retirees seek more affordable healthcare or a lower cost of living in foreign countries. However, as more individuals transition to remote work, they have the freedom to live wherever they please.

Although many Americans now live abroad, making an international move yourself can seem tricky. And, indeed, there’s so much to consider before house hunting internationally. Yet, having the right information makes a world of difference.

In this post, we’ll consider some of the most important steps you should take during your international move and property search. So keep reading to learn more!

Do Plenty of Research

Before you even think of buying a home abroad, you’ll need to evaluate whether it’s the best decision or if it’s even possible. For example, foreigners generally can’t buy property in some countries, such as Denmark and Thailand. So, here are some things to consider:

  • Foreign property laws
  • Tax implications both abroad and in the U.S
  • Financing options
  • Your exit strategy

If after researching you find that you need to readjust your plan, don’t worry! There are plenty of countries where buying property is easy and affordable, such as Italy, Spain, or Colombia.

Browse Online Listings

Once you’re ready to start your property search, find out what websites people use to list property in your destination country. For example, some countries in Europe, such as Portugal, Italy, and Spain, use an online platform called Idealista. You can also view the listings in English, which will make finding the home of your dreams much easier.

Of course, once you find a good deal on a beautiful home, don’t sit by idly. Instead, contact the local real estate agent that represents that property so you can schedule a tour.

Work with a Property Lawyer or Real Estate Agent

Unfortunately, as a foreign national, you may be the target of scammers who try to get you to give them more money than necessary or sell you a home that is falsely advertised. Thus, it’s crucial to enlist the support of someone who knows the property laws and speaks the local language.

If you have a trusted friend in the country, why not ask them for help? But if you have yet to make friends with locals, you can hire a property lawyer or real estate company to guide you through the process and make sure it goes smoothly.

Make Your International Move a Success!

An international move is both exciting and daunting. There’s so much to consider and learn, but the benefits of owning a home in your favorite destination are well worth the effort! So, save this mini-guide for your overseas move and be sure to work along with reputable professionals for the best results.

Would you like to learn more tips for moving abroad? If so, look at more of our great content related to international real estate!

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