Factors to Consider When Wearing a Concealed Carry Dress

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Concealed carry dresses are an excellent way to carry a concealed handgun. While some will not hide the gun well, many will provide adequate concealment. In addition, women are the fastest-growing segment of the gun industry, and concealed carry dress clothes are a great way to cater to their needs.


Patterns of concealed carry dress can be useful in concealing a concealed carry gun. Certain types of clothing, such as denim or cotton, are more easily concealed than others. However, too busy patterns may draw attention away from your weapon. These patterns may also be distracting to the human eye.

Natural fabrics are comfortable and provide excellent concealment. Patterns and colors help to break up the print of a concealed firearm. Patterns are also more easily concealed than solid colors. Patterned clothing also helps to detract the eye from any firearm prints. Patterned clothes also help to conceal the bulge of a concealed firearm.


Women are becoming the fastest-growing segment of the gun market, and the concealed carry dress is an exciting new accessory for this group. A dress is a timeless classic that can be worn in any situation, and a concealed carry dress is an excellent choice. Women also appreciate the ability to conceal a gun without revealing its presence.

When choosing a concealed carry dress, finding the right color for your body and skin tone is important. If you’re wearing a black holster, you may want to avoid a bright red holster. It’s possible that the bright red or yellow in the shirt would attract attention and make you look less safe. A more neutral color would be more easily concealed.


There are a variety of fabric choices for concealed carry dresses. First, choose something comfortable and lightweight. Natural fibers provide the best support, structure, and breathability and last longer than synthetic materials. Cotton, for example, is both soft and durable. It is also easy to care for and is an excellent option for many different clothing styles.

Merino wool is another option for concealed-carry dresses. Merino wool is lightweight and warm, making it a good choice for many climates. It can be used throughout the year and is a great option for layered clothing, especially if you spend some time outdoors.

Range of movement

When wearing a dress casually, you should consider whether you have the range of motion necessary to draw your firearm. A shirt that is too short or too long will prevent you from being able to draw quickly and easily. A jacket that is too long can also make it difficult to draw your gun. Some jackets have a zipper underneath the placket, which can complicate your draw. Depending on the length of your jacket, you may need to take it off or unbutton it to reach the gun.

A concealed carry dress with a loose fit will make it easier to conceal a firearm. It will also give you more freedom of movement. A loose dress is much more likely to conceal your firearm than a dress that is too tight.


Concealed carry dresses are a relatively new and exciting accessory. They offer convenience, style, and versatility. Plus, women love dresses. Whether at work or play, a dress is an excellent staple piece of clothing. And if you don’t feel comfortable carrying a concealed handgun on your person, you can always wear a concealed carry dress to cover up.

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