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How to Choose the Perfect Loft Lighting

How much do you know about how to choose the perfect loft lighting? Read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.
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If you currently rent or are considering renting an apartment in the United States, you are among the 39 million who will call these places home. Many of these apartment dwellers are singles who don’t require a lot of space or are looking to share a larger space with roommates. 

Instead of renting a standard 3-bedroom apartment, the solution is to find a loft. These spaces are designed as single open rooms with high ceilings and lacking internal walls. Because of this design, loft lighting often can be a large problem. 

Continue reading this loft lighting buying guide for tips on choosing loft lighting that will open up your space and spread light around to make your loft appealing and feel like home. 

Natural Lighting 

One element that many lofts have in common are large windows or skylights that let in the natural light. Among the top loft lighting tips is the use of mirrors and large paintings spread around the room to catch the light and allow it to spread.

This will ease your need for lighting during the day, allowing you to save a lot of your lighting for the night. This may be reflected in the electricity bill and how often you have to change bulbs.

Get rid of your dark curtains, and angle your furniture towards the light source. If you can, lighten up your wall color to pull more natural light into the room. 

Floor Lamps

For the corners, bedrooms, and tricky-to-light spaces of your loft, a floor lamp is a good item to have. With a variety of options to choose from, such as a multi-head lamp whose bulbs are movable, to a smaller lamp that sits on an end table, customizing your lighting with lamps can save you money if you need to move them around.

Floor lamps also come in diverse colors, sizes, and designs that you can buy to match your decor. 

Battery Powered

When renting or leasing a loft space, a landlord may not allow many changes to the space. Another tip from this loft lighting guide is to utilize battery-powered loft lights. This type of lighting means that you can move it around, unplug it, and save on electricity. 

Some products like the Loft Light can be screwed into a wooden element in your apartment, which allows for easy removal at the end of your lease.   

LED strips or ribbon lighting are another battery-powered solution that can bring light and style to your loft. They can be cut down to whatever length you need and hidden around the apartment in alcoves, windows, and the ceiling. 

LED strips also come in different colors that can help add a festive feel to your place if you are hosting a party or want to get into a specific holiday feel. 

Let Your Loft Lighting Dazzle 

Now that you are ready to fix any loft lighting problems that might be keeping you in the dark, grab one or two of these tips and let your apartment shine. 

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