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Important Things That You Should Do Before Actually Selling Your Home

Do you plan on putting your home up on the market soon? Here are some important things that you should do before actually selling your home.
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Before selling your home, remember that it’s one of your biggest assets. You want to sell it for a profit. With that in mind, there are some important things you should do before putting it on the market. 

You don’t need to put a ton of money into it right before selling but it’s important to make the most of what you’ve got. 

Keep reading for a home selling checklist of things to do before selling your home. 

Make Appropriate Repairs

Most people want a home that’s move-in ready. Even little things that need repairing turn many buyers off. 

Do you have loose handles, broken drawer pulls, or a leaky faucet? Fix these items before putting your home on the market. 

Clean and Declutter

Clean, decluttered rooms appear bigger, and cleaning and decluttering is a crucial part of the home staging process. 

Do you keep lots of appliances on the kitchen counters? Remove them so buyers can see the entire countertop area. 

Do the same in the bathrooms. Remove all clutter from the tops of dressers and cabinets too. 

Remove all personal, political, and religious items on your walls and bookshelves. You want the buyers to picture themselves in the house and that’s harder to do when it’s cluttered with all your personal stuff. 

If you have a lot of furniture, put some of it in storage. Arrange your furniture so that each room flows well into the next. You don’t want anything impeding the areas where you walk because that makes the house appear smaller. 

Do a deep clean of the home before putting it on the market. The kitchen and bathrooms should sparkle with no dirt or dist and no smell. Bad smells are a huge turnoff for buyers, ask any home expert, including Andrew the Home Buyer!

Consider Painting

Are there scuff marks on the wall? Does the paint appear old and shabby? Consider painting the interior before putting the house up for sale. 

Stick with neutral colors throughout. You can even paint the whole house the same neutral color. Avoid any splashy bright colors or accent walls. 

A new coat of paint makes the house look, smell, and feel fresh. When everything is well cared for, you’ll also get the best home appraisal value. 

Create a Good First Impression

Good curb appeal gets buyers in the door. Some people won’t consider coming into a home if they don’t like how it looks from the outside. 

Pressure wash the front porch, walkways, and driveway. Is the front door looking worn? Touch it up with a quick coat of paint or stain. 

Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, remove any debris, and clean out the gutters. The buyer’s immediate impression should be of a well-maintained home. 

Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

These are some important steps to take before selling your home if you want to get the best price. Do everything on this home selling checklist and your home should sell fast for a great price.

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