The Benefits of Using Lotion Pumps For Bottles

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Lotion pumps are useful in many ways. They are made of PP plastic with a ribbed surface or a smooth side surface. Some also feature shiny metal over shells. In addition, lotion pumps can be used as locking devices, and their gaskets are made of various materials.

Dispensing Pump

Lotion pumps for bottles are an ideal packaging solution for creams, lotions, and other viscous liquids. The pump has a plastic piston and ball that move under air pressure to deliver the desired product. Once the product is dispensed, the ball returns to rest and seals the channel. This prevents the product from flowing back into the bottle. Lotion pumps are also an excellent packaging solution for high-viscosity liquids.

Lotion pumps are a popular choice among consumers and manufacturers. These pumps are easily operated by one hand and dispense a precise amount of liquid. They don’t dry out or clog like non-lotion pumps. 

Lock-Down Device

A lock-down device for lotion pumps prevents unauthorized use of the product. This type of pump is installed high up on the base unit of the product and is usually unobtrusive. Once the consumer applies pressure, the lock-down device locks into place. This device is the most popular type of dispenser. It is easy to use and provides stylish finishes. To unlock the locking device, twist the nozzle.

Lotion pumps dispense various liquid products, such as soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners. They provide precise control over how much product is dispensed. Some pumps may have additional components to aid product flow. They may also have a metal-free pathway feature to prevent the product from coming into contact with the metal spring.

Predictable Measurement

Lotion pumps are a great way to measure lotions, ointments, and other liquid products. These pumps have excellent viscosity, priming, and safety features. They can measure specific amounts of liquid for cosmetic products, pharmaceutical applications, and pet care. Some pumps have unique features, such as shower-proof seals to prevent water from entering the bottle. In addition, some pumps have a larger neck finish to accommodate larger bottles.

Lotion pumps have a pump housing that holds the pump’s internal components and acts as a transfer chamber. The pump transfers the liquid product from the dip tube to the actuator, sending it out into the user’s hand. The pump housing is typically made of PP plastic. Pump housing sizes vary depending on the pump’s output. Glass bottles are often too thick to accommodate the pump housing.

Precision Dispensing

Lotion pumps are an excellent solution for the precision dispensing of liquid products. These pumps can be used in various products, from beauty products to household and automotive products. The design of these pumps allows the user to choose the optimal volume to fill the bottle. Several variables are to consider, including the bottle capacity and the product type.

The pump draws the product out of the bottle using air pressure. When the consumer presses down on the pump’s actuator, upward air pressure draws the ball into the dip tube and the chamber. The chamber then seals, preventing the liquid product from returning to the bottle. This process is known as priming.

Color Matching

Lotion pumps are an excellent way to create a coordinated and stylish look in your bathroom or shower. Choose pumps with the same color scheme to create a cohesive look. They should fit tightly and match the color of the bottle. They should also dispense the amount of liquid you require with just one push. The pump should also be easy to handle and not require much force to push it.

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