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The Telltale Signs Telling You to Get a Roof Replacement Right Away

Did you know that not all roof problems are visible to the naked eye? Here are the telltale signs telling you to get a roof replacement right away.
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When it comes to the integrity of a home, and the safety of the people who are inside of it, the roof is extremely important. Maybe you have seen signs of wear and tear on your roof getting worse. Maybe a big storm occurred and some nearby roofs got damaged.

In a lot of instances, there are visible signs that you need a roof replacement. However, roof damage can sneak up on you without much warning.

If you think that your roof might have been damaged beyond repair, you should take action immediately. Luckily, we’re here to help keep you safe and informed. So keep on reading and we will walk you through the telltale signs that you need to get a roof replacement right away.

Visible Leaks

One of the most common signals that a roof is in need of replacement is a visible leak. A roof leak can take place for all sorts of reasons. These reasons can range from old materials to damage from a store.

As the materials making up the roof get weaker, water is able to get in through the shingles. It can then into the rest of the home.

This can lead to water intrusion and you might notice big puddles in your home after a storm. Sometimes, a small leak can be patched up or repaired by a roofing professional. However, a lot of the time a small leak can be hard to notice until it becomes a major issue.

If you have a big roof leak that won’t go away, you might need to replace your roof.

Curling, Missing, or Mossy Shingles 

In some instances, you can clearly see damage to the roof from the ground. The shingles are the gateway to the roofing system. So if you need shingles that are cracked, curling, or missing when you look at your roof, you probably need to replace the roof.

You should be on the lookout for:

  • algae or moss growth
  • missing granules
  • discoloration or damage around vents
  • missing or loose shingles
  • curled or damaged shingles
  • cracked shingles
  • damage around skylights or chimneys

It is also a smart idea to look at your gutters for shingle debris. Debris in the gutters can mean that the shingles are near the end of their lifespan. 

If you notice problems with your shingles, you need to get the roof replaced. Sometimes, you can even install new shingles over the old ones. Contact a reputable company like to see what you can do about your roof.

The Importance of Knowing the Telltale Signs Telling You to Get a Roof Replacement Right Away

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now understand the signs that tell you to get a roof replacement right away. The roof is a very important piece of a home’s integrity and needs to be carefully monitored. Don’t hesitate to call a roofing professional if things seem awry with your roof.

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