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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Hong Kong

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Did you know that the city of Hong Kong boasts more skyscrapers than anywhere else in the world? Buzzing with light, brimming with culture, and bustling with people from all walks of life, Hong Kong has truly made a name for itself as one of the most exciting and lively places to live.

Perhaps you are looking to change your surroundings or find a new and interesting place to call home. Are you considering moving across the world? If so, this brief guide will break down six of the top reasons to move to and live in Hong Kong.

1. Public Transportation Unlike Any Other

Once you move to Hong Kong, you should have no problem getting anywhere else.

Trains arrive at stations within minutes of each other, taxis are cheap and plenty, ding dings (traditional double-decker cars) can take you most anywhere in the city. Ferries can even take you to Macau and other scenic islands nearby.

2. World-renowned Food and Drink

Dim sum, or Chinese cuisine’s famous variety of small brunch dishes, originated in Hong Kong. Upon moving to Hong Kong, you’ll quickly learn it’s an art form that Hong Kong residents take great pride in, sampling all manner of dumplings, rolls, and egg yolk tarts.

Also, nearly anywhere in Hong Kong, you’ll find better and smoother milk tea than anywhere else in the world!

3. Beautiful Design

In Hong Kong, even the skyscrapers are designed with the art of feng shui in mind.

Because of this, you’ll notice a clean and even balance to the layout of the city, perfectly balancing mountains and harbors, streets, and elevated walkways.

View some property in the area and you’ll see how an apartment in Hong Kong puts you right in the center of a vibrant cityscape.

4. It’s Safe to Live in Hong Kong

You might be surprised to learn that, despite being one of the highest population densities of anywhere in the world, Hong Kong has a strikingly low crime rate.

This tends to be attributed to a combination of Hong Kong lifestyle and policing, peaceful Confucian values coupled with strict gun laws.

5. One-of-a-kind Nightlife

No matter how you like to let loose, Hong Kong’s eclectic nightlife scene has plenty of options for you!

Hong Kong boasts all kinds of karaoke bars, live music venues, and high-altitude drinking spots with great views to suit all your partying desires.

6. Easy Travel

Hong Kong’s ideal geographic placement presents a wide variety of easy and convenient travel opportunities. Numerous unforgettable locales are only a short train ride or very affordable plane ticket away.

If you call Hong Kong home, you can easily spend any long weekend exploring the Phillipines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and more!

Be the First to Scout Out Your New Dream Home

Whether you want to live in Hong Kong or are just entertaining new spots for your next home, it will only help to take initiative and act as soon as you can. After all, it never hurts to look!

Stay up-to-date with Uptown Worthingtown for all the latest in real estate and to keep yourself all the more prepared for your next big move.

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