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What Are High-Impact Doors?

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When it comes to hurricane-resistant doors, you have a few choices. Some high-impact entry doors come with impact-resistant laminated glass, which will protect your home from any damage; others have heavy-duty frames. However, you may wonder how to tell if your door has been made of impact-resistant material. The impact doors west palm beach also apply as a good resource for more information. 

Heavy-duty frames

HCG (heavy-duty) frames on high-impact doors are built to endure the daily abuse of hand trucks, palletized power equipment, and other types of equipment. These doors are great for warehouses, stores, and even furniture showrooms. Their durable construction is outstanding for commercial uses and offers a wide range of decor options. HCG gasketed and foam-insulated doors come with a perimeter seal. In addition, HCP partition doors have a standard door clearance and meet USDA sanitation standards.

High-impact doors are made with impact-resistant laminated glass and heavy-duty frames. Impact-resistant glass has been tested to withstand the nine-pound impact of 2X4 lumber traveling 30 miles per hour. The heavy-duty frames of these doors are constructed to withstand such high-speed winds. These doors are also highly durable, come in steel or fiberglass construction, and can be customized with stainless steel hinges. In addition to impact doors, hurricane-impact windows are available alongside impact doors to ensure maximum protection.

Impact-resistant laminated glass

Hurricane-resistant windows and doors can help keep your home safe from hurricane-force winds. Even category two hurricanes can generate 110-mile-per-hour currents, enough to flip a parked car. A category five hurricane can produce 155-mph winds and tear apart houses, threatening the lives of people inside. Hurricane-resistant windows and doors can help keep your home and your family safe from the elements.

Impact-resistant glass is not indestructible. It needs additional resources and time to manufacture. Many manufacturers include an etched mark on the glass to guarantee quality. A temporary label is another way to identify impact-resistant glass. If you have recently purchased a new door, look for a sticker that says it is impact resistant. This will help you know the type of glass you have in your home.

The main advantage of impact-resistant glass is that it can protect your home. During hurricanes, increased pressure from the storm can lift roofs and damage the structure of buildings. Consequently, impact-resistant glass can offer added safety and security to your home. The laminated glass is made with a polymer layer that helps hold the pieces of glass together when shattered. Depending on your type of glass, you can install impact-resistant glass on the inside or outside of the insulating glass.

Impact-resistant patio doors

When a storm hits Florida, a door that’s not impact-resistant can get severely damaged or even destroyed. In addition, a broken door can cause shards of glass to fly into your home. This is why impact-resistant doors are so important. They protect you from the elements while letting you enjoy your patio’s view. Plus, they are typically energy efficient. So what makes an impact-resistant patio door the best choice for your home?

Coastal climates are particularly vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Impact-resistant patio doors meet stringent building codes and are designed to withstand high winds, falling trees, flying debris, and other potential hazards. Hurricane impact glass is also available for enhanced security. These doors are bright for coastal areas, as the glass is shatterproof, reducing break-ins. And if you don’t live near the coast, you can even get glass storm doors if you want to remain safe.

Cost of installing a hurricane-impact door

The cost of installing a hurricane-impact door may be higher than the cost of hurricane-proof windows. It varies from house to house, but the average price of a sliding glass door is $6140. Insuring a hurricane-proof door can cost an additional $1,900 per door. In addition to the installation cost, hurricane-proof doors require repair and maintenance. However, the prices are comparable to those of windows.

The cost of installing a hurricane-impact door can vary based on several factors, including the type of door you want and the size of your opening. Additionally, labor costs may vary based on the size and type of door you select and framing requirements. You may be able to save some money by doing some repairs yourself, but you should hire a professional for more extensive work.

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