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Why Are People Moving to Florida? Top 5 Reasons

In 2020, the Sunshine State was the #1 place people moved to. But why are people moving to Florida? Find out the top advantages of Florida living.
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Are you looking for year-round warm weather? How about a place where you can live cheaply while also enjoying many activities and sites? If so, look no further than Florida.

In 2020, more people moved to Florida than any other state, including other popular destinations like California and Texas. But why are people moving to Florida over other top states? What makes it so great?

Today we’re going to answer that question and many more.

Read on to learn about five reasons why people are relocating to Florida. 

1. Beautiful Weathers 

With a name like “the Sunshine State,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people relocate to Florida for its year-round, can’t-beat weather. 

While winter still causes temperatures to drop to cooler levels in the northern parts of the state, Floridian winters are nothing compared to those of the rest of the country. No matter whether it’s July or December, you’re still able to step outside and enjoy the 200+ days of sun. 

2. Picturesque Beaches 

On top of its beautiful weather, Florida also boasts some of the most stunning landscapes in the continental United States and the world. From Panama City and Clearwater to Destin and the Keys, beautiful beaches are everywhere in the state.

There’s also a fair amount of diversity between them. If you’re craving calm, clear water, head to the Gulf side of the state. If you like waves or want to try surfing, head to the Atlantic side. 

3. Diversity 

While Florida might seem like a homogenous state, it’s actually one of the most diverse states in the country. 

If you live in one of the cities, you can interact with people from across the world. From Puerto Ricans to Australians, don’t be surprised to run into permanent residents who originate from the other side of the globe! 

4. The State Income Tax

Florida is unique in that it has no state income tax. While residents have to pay federal taxes, they don’t have to worry about paying any state income tax. 

Whether you want to save your money or use it to travel to the state’s many beautiful places, you’ll have a greater level of economic freedom to do it. 

5. Affordable Costs 

In addition to not having an income tax, many general costs are also cheaper in the Sunshine State.

For example, affordable real estate is another aspect of Florida that surprises newcomers. Most people find it easy to buy or rent property, especially compared to other states, like California.

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Why Are People Moving to Florida? Now You Know 

While it might still have a reputation of being a retirement state, the truth is that people of all ages and backgrounds are moving to the Sunshine State.

Why are people moving to Florida? Because of all the advantages of living there mentioned in this article.

Are you looking to learn more about living in Florida? If so, check out the rest of our site for more great content. 

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