Why Noise-Reducing Casters Are a Must-Have for Your Workplace

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Noise is a massive problem in many industries, from manufacturing to the workplace. It’s not just loud enough to cause hearing damage; it also can be distracting, damaging productivity and even causing stress.

Casters are essential accessories for moving and securing equipment in various applications. For example, casters used in medical facilities must be durable and shock-absorbing to ensure the safety of patients and other staff members.

Reduced Noise Levels

Noise is a real issue in the workplace and can negatively impact employee health. It can also lead to reduced productivity and an increased risk of hearing-related injuries.

Fortunately, there are many ways to lower noise in the workplace. One such method is by implementing noise reducing casters. This caster type is designed to dampen the jolt from a passing cart or dolly and can reduce noise levels by 20-50 percent.

The caster can do this thanks to a design that features two innovative shock absorption technologies. The device is a small yet powerful ally in the fight against factory noise and hearing loss, workplace injuries, and the quest for increased productivity in material handling.

Reduced Noise Harm

Noise pollution is a problem that can harm humans, wildlife, and the environment. It can cause hearing loss and reduce biodiversity, for example.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce noise in your workplace. One of the most effective is using noise-reducing casters.

The caster wheel can be designed with a specially-designed flexural spring encased within the wheel hub and elastomer to absorb sound from moving the load. This has been proven to be the most effective way to dampen cart noise without significant design changes and budget overruns.

Besides reducing noise levels, there are other benefits to choosing this type of caster. These include increased safety since workers can hear what is happening around them and lower costs due to decreased hearing damage.

Increased Productivity

A workplace with excessive noise is a significant distraction, costing companies productivity. Studies indicate that background noise can cost up to 66 percent of a worker’s output.

Hearing loss, hypertension, and other adverse health conditions can be triggered in a noisy environment. Additionally, people with ADHD and other mental health conditions cannot focus or concentrate in noisy settings.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat this problem without making your employees feel singled out. Using acoustic treatment, brilliant caster, cart design, and other strategies can help keep your space quiet.

One of the most significant contributors to noise is the movement of goods across floors in factories and manufacturing plants. Pounding wheels on carts, dollies, and gondolas generates noise that can annoy staff members.

Less Stress

Whether you’re a hospital trying to get their HCAHPS scores up or a manufacturing plant looking to keep decibel levels in check, the right caster can help you reach your ergonomic goals. A quality caster will reduce noise pollution and ear damage and increase safety on the plant floor by allowing you to notice any obstacles in your path or potential dangers ahead of time.

Having the right caster on hand is essential for all industries, but it’s particularly crucial for those that handle hazardous materials and other corrosive chemicals. Casters with high load-bearing capacity and a low center of gravity can significantly reduce the risk of injury and equipment damage. To get the most out of your casters, make sure they are made from quality materials such as heavy-duty polyurethane and durable steel. Choosing the wrong materials can lead to premature failure, equipment loss, and costly downtime. Choosing a caster with a well-designed and engineered construction is also essential.

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