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Key Features of a Public Storage Facility

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There are several critical features to look for when choosing cheap storage units in San Francisco. These features can help you protect your belongings and ensure they’re safe.

Security cameras are an excellent place to start, especially if you store valuables like electronics or expensive clothing. Consider a facility that has 24/7 staff.


Lighting is vital in creating a safe and secure environment at your public storage facility. Having bright lights makes it easier for people to see and can help prevent accidents that can lead to injury or theft.

In addition to keeping customers and employees safe, quality lighting can increase customer satisfaction. In addition, it can enhance security by deterring opportunists who may be lurking around a facility unnoticed.

Exterior lighting can be controlled using sensors, timers, or dimmers to provide a uniform light level that eliminates glares and blind spots. Additionally, lighting controls can save energy by turning lights on only when needed.

Inside the storage facility, lighting controls can also save energy and reduce safety risks by limiting light levels when not in use. For instance, if tenants carry boxes or move items from one storage unit to another, motion-sensor lighting ensures they can enter the building without requiring them to grasp a light switch in the dark aimlessly.

Security Cameras

A public storage facility’s essential features are the security cameras that monitor indoor and outdoor areas. This feature is precious because it allows the facility to be aware of all activity around the property at all times, which can prevent theft and other crimes.

A sound security camera system will capture high-definition video and store it digitally, allowing managers to view the footage anywhere they have internet access. CCTV camera systems should record 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to account for when managers aren’t on site.

In addition to deterring criminal activity, security cameras help protect the assets of your customers and your business. They also provide a valuable service to your clients, who will often choose a public storage facility Petaluma that is more secure and offers better protection.

Access Gate

The access gate is your first defense against unwanted and unauthorized access to your storage facility. It prevents non-customers and delinquent tenants from entering the facility and provides a sense of security to your customers, too.

If installing an access gate at your facility, research the different product types available and choose the best one for your needs. It is a significant investment, and making the right decision is essential.

Your access gate should connect with your self-storage software to automatically detect when a renter should be locked out of their unit or when they have expired codes. It will save you hours of manual updating a week and help your facility run more efficiently.

Many Class A facilities now offer one-touch features at their gates, making it easier for customers to navigate the facility, unlock access points, and even the individual unit door all through their app. It makes life much easier for both managers and customers.

24/7 Surveillance

The best way to protect your stored items is to keep them in a self-storage facility with 24/7 surveillance. It is essential if you are storing valuable items, such as jewelry, art, and electronics.

You should also check that your storage facility has personal access codes and alarms for each unit. It ensures that only people with permission can enter the facility and records who entered the property.

It is essential because the more you can reassure your customers that their belongings are safe, the more likely they will choose to store with you.

A good security partner will offer cloud-based video surveillance and remote management capability. It allows managers to view the cameras remotely, which can help them identify criminal activity. It also gives customers easy access to footage if they need to look back for proof of theft or damage.

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