The Advantages of Using an IWB Holster

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If you’re a concealed carrier, you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of using an IWB holster versus an OWB holster. Whether you’re considering a purchase or are a current IWB carry veteran, there are several reasons why concealed carriers prefer this holster style throughout the United States.


IWB holsters are a favorite among gun owners and concealment enthusiasts alike. They offer several advantages that make them ideal for everyday concealed carry.

Unlike OWB holsters, which sit on the outside of your pants, IWB holsters easily hide underneath the layers of cloth you wear. Worn correctly, the only thing that would be visible is the grip of your firearm and a clip that holds it in place on your belt.

Aside from being easier to conceal, it prevents your weapon’s imprint from showing against your clothes. It is handy for people trained to spot concealed weapons, and it can be enhanced by using a holster claw kit that angles your grip inward.


An IWB holster is one of the safest ways to carry a pistol for self-defense. Since the holster is concealed on your body, no other person can see it, making it difficult for an attacker to seize or disarm you.

It also prevents the weapon from being tucked in or snagged on other objects as you move throughout your daily activities. This makes it especially useful for gun owners working in busy offices or those who prefer to wear a concealed carry gun while traveling.

While many factors must be considered when choosing a concealed carry holster, adequate retention is a top priority. An IWB holster must be strong enough to keep your pistol inside and out of the way, with the trigger guard fully covered. It must also be comfortable to wear and not catch or absorb moisture. The material should mold to your firearm for a safe and easy draw.

Ease of carrying

An IWB holster puts your gun in a position allowing you to draw and fire it quickly while being comfortable easily. You can also adjust the holster’s ride height and cant to find a comfortable carry position that works for your specific needs.

An IWB holster is an excellent option for most concealed-carry gun owners. These holsters conceal your firearm well and can even be made to fit smaller guns.

In addition, IWB holsters make it easier to reholster your weapon. It is essential if you carry a semi-automatic pistol.

IWB holsters are also an excellent choice for folks with OWB carry issues because they allow you to place your gun higher on your body than OWB designs do. It can help to prevent your barrel from poking below the line of your shirt when sitting down, which is a big problem for some people.


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